Open NASA WorldWind first. Click on "Start Exploring" button below to explore the defined area
Then switch to WorldWind window... and enjoy !

Area to explore

Initial zoom level - Maxi. zoom level

Tiles number : - Size : Mbytes

Landsat tiles names corresponding to the explored area :

Show navigation in WorldWind
Speed Smooth Scan span (latitude)


Enter any area to explore and select any zoom level. WorldWind will navigate through the specified area and download data to cache on your hard disk as necessary. Adjust your cache size if necessary in your file "WorldWind.exe.config". Default is 2 Go.

Warning : don't try to download too large an area at too high detail level, it would be huge amounts of data (thousands of gigabytes !)

You may enter coordinates of :

Enter point coordinates as follows " worldwind:&lat=30.171&lon=-7.218 " (decimal degrees, South and West negative).

An easy way to get the ccordinates is to click on a point in WorldWind, then copy coordinates to the clipboard (in menu Tools), switch back to this page and paste it in one of the boxes above as is (it should look like this : " worldwind://goto/world=Earth&lat=42.3187484741211&lon=2.26865649223328&view=0.400000125169754 "

Do not enter the first point again, the polygon will be closed automatically.

To start, click on "Explore area" button. It will open a blank window ; don't close it, it would stop the navigation process

During the exploration you may adjust heading, dive angle and vertical exageration as usual. To stop the navigation at any time click on "Stop exploring" button above

Tile files names : 2\ would be a shortcut for "C:\Program Files\NASA\World Wind v1.2\Cache\Earth\High-Resolution Terrain Mapped Imagery\JPL Global Landsat Mosaic (False-Color Bands - Panshapened)\2\". .dds files may be viewed by IrfanView

More information on NASA WorldWind Homepage

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